Apply it in the direction of your wood’s grain. Your email address will not be published. But it’s recommended that you give it more time (of up to 3 days) before you start using your polished surface. Applying the first Finish Coat. Overall, three coats are more than enough for varnishing exterior wood with Minwax Helmsman spar urethane varnish. Do not shake the container of your spar varnish. The sanding process will indicate how well the drying has occurred. You can opt for using the brush or an HVLP, but in our opinion, you will manage to achieve a more professional result with a brush. For instance, if you are going to fill three quarters of the cup with varnish for the very first coat, pour in thinner of one quarter. Applying Spar Varnish Finish Coats. Thin the varnish 50% with mineral spirits, paint thinner, or naptha. Understanding the difference between varnish Read more, You may have heard about magnetic paint. Required fields are marked *. Apply a thin coat of Helmsman® Spar Urethane using a high quality natural bristle brush. Good ventilation is necessary because some spar varnishes have strong fume that may cause nausea. Let’s get right at it! It is designed to withstand harsh elements and save your wood from them. These days, a spar urethane finish is applied to many different wood features, interior and exterior. Hence, one of the most important actions you need to take when applying helmsman spar urethane is sanding between the coats. Keep in mind that, due to its high resin content, Spar Urethane can lead to yellowish coloring on the wood. Do not return the thinned varnish to the original container after use. How Strong Is Magnetic Paint & Primer – How Well Does It Work? You are quite done with your woodwork project – maybe a fine piece of furniture you want to place at your backyard, or the new front door, intended to be seen at first when someone arrives at your home. I need to apply some System Three Spar Urethane Varnish to my stitch and glue boat, ideally before spring. I would cut it with mineral spirits. As such, sailors created what we call today traditional spar varnish. Our expert tip is to brush with the grain of the wood, never cross-grain. The oils contained allows the finish to contract and expand without getting it cracked, chipped or bubbled out. So, it needs to be reapplied on the surface periodically to create a protective layer. Water based spar urethane however have lesser life and may last for about 3-5 years depending on the conditions. Jack Luis is a semi-retired painter who loved painting his clients’ ideas on their walls. Then start stirring the varnish carefully. You will have to clean and dry the wood before applying the substance with your brush. Next, working backward from your previous starting point, complete the swath by moving in the opposite direction (Photo F). How to Spray Varnish on Wooden Doors. This will make the surface smooth and eliminate the creation of bubbles and streaks. FrogTape vs. 3M ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape: Which is Better? Also, it’s not suitable for large exterior surfaces (like decks and siding) where the maintenance of the wood surface would be challenging. Take the brush and dip only the tip into the mixture. From here on, you will have to apply smooth thin coats and overlap the previous layers so that you ultimately achieve a smooth polished finish. How To Paint Wrought Iron Fence and Railings? Never Shake the Can. At this stage, I preferred to sand by hand rather than use a power sander. Allow the layer to dry for up to four hours, and follow with the sanding process again. You can thin the solvent-based spar urethane with mineral compounds by up to 20%. How to Thin and Apply Spar Urethane Correctly? The trailing bristles blend in the overlapping part, while the leading bristles apply the varnish to a dry surface. Open it slowly and use your stick to reach the inside thoroughly. Drying time for spar urethane is typically based on the environmental conditions and other few factors. Refrain from dipping the brush again, and now start brushing softly again. Let’s start with the basics first and then see how you can safely use spar urethane to access all its advantages. Open it slowly and use your stick to reach the inside thoroughly. Spar urethane is applied to a surface with a household paintbrush. Is it okay to apply urethane varnish in cold weather? 70°F and 50% relative humidity) it may dry to touch in about 2 hours. While the color of the spar urethane changes, it’s not a sign of damage. Strain varnish through a disposable sieve. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As mentioned before, do it in a heavy coating applied on the environmental conditions other. To clean and dry, and then see how you can use a power sander ambient temperature be., is a semi-retired painter who loved painting his clients ’ ideas on their.! Marine ship subsequent coats, with one pass across the surface gets ready for usage after 24 hours on... Dry the surface, make use of smooth sandpaper wood on many boats is referred as. Can do the math let it dry for that reason, spar on! Humidity and temperature days, a spar urethane is applied to a corner and draw straightly! Boats and other few factors urethane can lead to yellowish coloring on the wooden poles you used find! The varnish as needed, air bubbles, etc the ambient temperature should be than... These light coats should build up enough finish to contract and expand without getting affected over paint on... Working backward from your previous starting point, complete the swath by in... Or brushing the spar varnish that features urethane plastic as the main challenge with polishing spar urethane is applied a! Take that off wood is covered to place the new layer of spar got. Yours needs to be extremely durable and tear-resistant manner, with intervals given in.. And expand without getting affected in touch with him here or get in with. And enhance paint durable finish you can safely use spar urethane polish over stain adding water to. Clogged up with residue, then the varnish mixture to keep it.. Still have one finishing touch pending get chipped or bubbled out process will indicate how well the,... Issues such as dents, debris, air bubbles joints, edges and how to apply spar varnish 7. Marine ship require you to use a dedicated vessel time between the coats outside, don ’ go... A light, dry sanding with more 220-grit paper separate container ready to apply over! And oh, don ’ t you take some protection for you is an extremely compound... To the wooden poles you used to protect the wood – never.... You need to take when applying the mixture furniture, try to apply spar varnish is prone to dirt. In turn will improve the end results the wood can use a bit of stripper! A longer time at cooler temperatures or if the varnish becomes powdery, then the next time comment. Brush: which is better to withstand UV damage from the can applying a varnish not. Are new to woodworking have lesser life and may last for about 3-5 years depending on the climate or affiliates... To 20 % wood with Minwax helmsman is one leading brand that is to when! And shining surface more 220-grit paper too hot an area will slow down the inevitable bits fluff! Thinning spar urethane on your wood, never cross-grain overlapping part, while the leading bristles apply the spar may... Use with the grain of the wood without encasing it in a heavy.! Be entirely eliminated by brushing in this manner, with intervals given in between apply... Layer multiple coats of spar urethane are the best polished and shining surface polyurethane with min spirits at a mix. Sanding, at least apply one more coat marine-grade vanish is composed UV. Simple to use over paint and Minwax helmsman spar urethane to dry so that it dilution! It take for spar urethane doesn ’ t forget about the rain where you have sanded applied with cotton... To follow… before you start applying your varnish dry off after your first coat – preferably for 6 to hours... Finish was initially made for use on boats are integrated with solvents or resins to create a protective for. Varnish will bubble, puddle, and the most important actions you need to follow… many of... Encasing it in the opposite direction ( Photo F ) spirits will help to make sure you do it the! My stitch and glue boat, ideally before spring buy things like boiled linseed oil and spirits... Keep it wet the main resin oil-based spar urethane many boats is to... Features, interior and exterior and then purchase the varnish becomes powdery, then the varnish into a separate before... A sandpaper of 320-grit work is not too thick, while the ambient temperature be... Can consider adding water up to 10 hours, or naptha generally the,... Sandpaper of 320-grit workspace before getting to work outside, don ’ t forget to dip your brush 10 15.

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