Fluff. Probably A tier. LR VB is at least B tier in your list. Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! r/DBZDokkanBattle’s LR Tier List. Dragonball fighterz characters. Character Element Rating S Tier. These Extreme Cards are ranked by the following factors: Performance in high difficulty content. EZA Tier List. Tier List Lists *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. update 30/12/2017. Summon rates for them are however very low, and we don't recommend you to aim to get them. Dokkan Fest Exclusive. He’s really good. Otherwise good list. Posted by. Super UR Tier List. 2.5k. Dokkan Battle DFE Tier List. Performance as one of the main roles in Dokkan Battle (Tank, Damage or Support) while rewarding Cards that can perform well in more than one. ... STR is just too solid. 346 votes, 119 comments. I think having an extra tier for 1 unit isn't really necessary. Dokkan LRs 2020. 782. Out of the three LR characters on Global (Piccolo counts, because he BECOMES an LR, just not right now), I'm gonna go with Androids. LR SV is on two and Gogeta is in one, but they were too OP ( especially when they transform ) not to put in Z tier. There is no official Tier List available by the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game developers. Extreme LR Tier List EZA Tier List. New tier list in reddit Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android. This page is for listing all Tier Lists written for Dokkan Battle overall, ... Super LR Tier List. Reviews. He's godly for a f2p unit, but the average gacha LR still s***s on him. Dokkan Battle Tier List - 2020 Edition Why not read this up to get a leg up in the game? This is the list of Best UR Villains in Dokkan Battle. This is a collection of all the Tier List.Each Tier List an be edited seperately. Featured Update We've updated our Super LR Tier List! 187k. Created May 6, 2015. We're jumping back into Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle. The following character can become LR by Dokkan Awakening. Notify me about new: Guides. Dokkan Fest Exclusive Tier List 2020. Members. Dokkan LR Tier List. The Tier List is a list which ranks units on their importance, effect, and relevance in the current meta of the game. Another reason is because Metal Cooler is dependent of the amount of HP you have. Btw are you the one that made that dokkanfest tier list? I stopped paying much attention to the subreddit's tier list when they made PHY Whirus optimal on Super INT. Extreme LR Tier List. Dokkan Battle LR Gacha Tier List (as of December 2020) Xenoverse 2 Character Tier List. Dokkan LR Tier List.Waifus Of Dragon Ball. Please read the instructions before editing. Thank You Ticket Exchange Tier List. Create New Template. Dokkan LRs 2020.Dokkan Fest Exclusive. This Tier List ranks the top Super LR Cards in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Incredibly useful in Super Battle Road.Post-EZA Gotenks still suffers from Ki management but now gets DEF Buffs, which makes him a more reliable ally. While LR goku and frieza are strong, they aren't that much better than the LR ssj4s. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Super Vegito/Super Gogeta - These units have unbelievable stats and can single-handedly carry you through hard events through transforming. Dokkan Battle LR Tier List (May 2020 Edition) DragonBallLegends All Sparking. Personajes Dragon Ball Z GT SUPER ShenronZ. 1 N Characters 2 R Characters 3 SR Characters 4 SSR Characters 5 UR Characters 6 LR Characters (*) Cannot be used in battle. DBZ Dokkan Battle Tier List Templates. There's no situation lr mode in the gane where he isn't completely reliable. You use our tier list maker to quickly create your own, unique and interactive template that anyone can use. Cell, baby and majin Vegeta should be up one and LR frieza should move up 2 and LR Ssj3 Goku should move down 1. With thousands of units in the game, it’s overwhelming to know who to throw in your team to beef it up, which is why tier lists are great: they give you an idea of where you stand and where you should aim to … Dokkan Battle Newsn [Limitless Growth] SS2 Caulifla: Rating and Tips! Online. EZA Tier List Event-Limited Tier List. Lr Tier List… Super LR Tier List. Personajes Dragon Ball Z GT SUPER ShenronZ. I'd debated moving him up to B, but his weak LS holds him back and he's not so much better than LR Cooler and Gorale to justify being above them... and … Cheats. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Depending on the team, the Dokkan events are REALLY easy to beat (almost any mono team STEAMROLLS them), and they're easy … Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle tier list, reroll tier list, useful characters. Limitless Combat Power Vegeta added to A Dokkan Battle LR Tier List (May 2020 Edition) Dokkan Battle DFE Tier List. DBFZ. I value versatility and how important that unit is to pull in order to clear content. LR VB and the rest of the Z tier is on three categories or above. What the hell is going on people!? Super LR Tier List Extreme LR Tier List. Extreme Z-Battle: Welcome to Hell Perfect Cell Guide. Personal Tier List Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android. Close. DBFZ. Dokkan Battle LR Gacha Tier List (as of October 2020) Xenoverse 2 Character Tier List.Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms . Xenoverse 2 Character Tier List. Required templates: Tier List, Changelog and Tier List Nav. 182k members in the DBZDokkanBattle community. Goku & Frieza - Highest hitting unit in the game and is the only leader for his own team with great boosts. I agree with most on the list but LR Trunks doesn't belong in the same category as LR ... news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related. The tier list includes viability up to now — not the viability at the time of release. Waifus Of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms . Vegito Tier List Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle iOS (iPhone/iPad) Android. Questions. This is Periodik and you see the title of the video! This list is based off global. Join. Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms . Custom Tier List Maker. This subreddit is for both the … There are already 200,000+ tier list templates available on TierMaker and you can make a tier list for nearly anything by searching for the topic you are interested in or starting on our category page.

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